Love Story

As you already know, a love story photo session is typically a pre-wedding shoot, although it does not have to be. You don’t need a formal reason to capture your affection. Your children and grandchildren will be excited to see your photo album and rejoice in your touching love story. Also, anytime you need to add a spark to your relationship you can just look through those heart touching pictures that show the depth of your love for each other and it will do the trick.

Why is a couple photoshoot in the Dominican Republic a marvelous idea?

  • stunning beaches asking to be the background in your couple beach photoshoot
  • a myriad of picture perfect locations
  • a well-connected airport and an abundance of lodging options
  • friendly people and a relaxed joyful atmosphere
  • an opportunity to spend time in paradise
  • Denis Boyko is an experienced wedding photographer and the couple photoshoots in Punta Cana are one of his true arts.

    Why choose him? He:

  • has 7 years of experience
  • knows how to direct couples in order to achieve fantastic results
  • is able to be invisible when necessary
  • actually lives in Punta Cana and knows the Dominican Republic like the back of his hand, so you can be sure that he has some truly spectacular spots for you to enjoy
  • ensures you will share an enjoyable experience and walk away with gorgeous photos
  • offers attractive prices

    The couple photoshoot lasts approximately 1-2 hours and the base price is $300. But whatever you have in mind, Boyko photography offers packages tailored to your specific needs.

    Hire Denis Boyko as your photographer and be sure that your photo shoot will exceed your expectations. Check out his portfolio and you`ll see why.